Introduction to Religious Education at Wickhambreaux

Religious Education seeks to make a major contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils by helping them to acquire a knowledge and understanding of major world religions, and to develop their own beliefs and values.

Through RE we aim to enable pupils to  learn about religions and to learn from them and gain a knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of major world religions, especially Christianity.  We also strive to enable pupils to consider ways in which beliefs, values and traditions might have significance for their own lives and encourage  pupils to develop the ability to make their own reasoned and informed judgements about the religious and moral issues which arise from reflection on human experience and a study of religious belief and practice.

Religious Education at Wickhambreaux C of E School will challenge stereotypes, misinformation and misconceptions about race, gender and religion.  It will seek to present religions in all their richness and diversity in terms of beliefs, traditions customs and lifestyle in a sensitive and accurate way in order to encourage a positive attitude towards that diversity.


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