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Whole School Curriculum Map

Whole School Curriculum Map

Whole School Curriculum Map

A Curriculum we are proud of at Wickhambreaux CEPS

Our rich school curriculum offers a very broad range of learning opportunities for all children to help them grow into independent, knowledgeable, well-rounded and responsible young people.  We firmly believe that we can only achieve the best for our children by fostering a close relationship that creates co-operation between home and school.  We have an open- door policy and provide many opportunities to share in your child’s education.  


Each subject details a carefully composed Vision Statement and Subject Policy, along with full details of how the subject is taught throughout the academic year in the Subject's School Curriculum Map. To assist both pupils and parents/carers, Knowledge Organisers are periodically published within each topic/subject to provide important key facts and skills that will need to be known and practised to really master that curriculum area.


We are extremely fortunate to have a team of very experienced and highly qualified teaching staff members and so have included Subject Leader Profiles to illustrate the expertise that the pupils' education is benefitting from.  We have also included an Introduction to each subject to outline the school's general approach to the teaching of that curriculum area.


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