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Our Christian School

Our School Vision


Our small, rural school opens its door to a diverse global family offering a warm welcome. We invest in, and nurture, everyone’s unique, God given talents and abilities.  Our dynamic, enriched, curriculum provides individuals with a supportive community where they can reflect and thrive, developing a deeper understanding of the world.


Our school vision, permeates through all of school life. 

The story of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:31–32) underpins this vision. The teaching of Jesus shows the whole Wickhambreaux Community how we can live out our school Bible verse, our vision, and our values in all that we do. However seemingly small and insignificant, the good acts and deeds will grow and flourish into something much bigger than we can imagine. All individuals are loved and included in our small but strong community. We trust in His teaching to guide us in our everyday lives. This enables us to thrive and become responsible citizens and life-long learners, reaching our true potential.

Chosen by our school community, the Christian values of love, trust and community are at the core of everything we do.

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