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Sprites Class


Welcome to Sprites Class

Welcome to Sprites class which is home to the year 1 children. The transition from Reception (Earth Class) to year 1 is considerable but please be assured that we continue to learn through in a range of fun and exciting ways including, song, dance, drama, play and exploration; however, they are now introduced to some more academic learning and have weekly spellings and Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) to learn which support them with their learning. A copy of which can be found on our Class page. 

Class News
Learning in Year 2

Learning in Year 1 - Curriculum Maps

All Subject Overview of Areas of Learning

Year 1 Reading - Overview

Year 1 - Writing - Overview

Class News

The themes that Ms Brewster and the children will learn about throughout the year are as follows: The Gunpowder Plot, The United Kingdom, The Great Fire of London and a Local Study 0f our School, Village and Countryside. 

 Each theme is incorporated into our English, Art, Music, History, Geography, Dance and DT work. Sprites will continue to learn French and music with specialist teachers and now venture into the exciting world of Science with Mrs Barnes. 


Sprites continue their learning adventure through Forest School which is a truly amazing experience for the children. This takes place on a Friday during term 1. 


Click on the Curriculum Map below to find out when our skills and techniques are going to be taught throughout the year. 


Click on the Knowledge Organisers for details of those skills and techniques. 


Knowledge Organser

English Knowledge Organisers


Spelling & Phonics

Reading & Phonics

Writing & Composition


1st 100 High Frequency Words

AUTUMN (Term 1 & 2) Knowledge Organisers

Science - Seasonal Change

(Cycle A)

History - Gunpowder Plot

Art - Fireworks

Science - Toys (Cycle B)

Geography - UK & Local

Music - Terms 1 & 2

Additional Knowledge Organisers

Music - Vocabulary

SPRING (Term 3 & 4) Knowledge Organisers

Science - Changing Materials

(Cycle B)

Art - Baroque Period

History - Great Fire of London

Music - Terms 3 & 4

SUMMER (Term 5 & 6) Knowledge Organisers

Science - Our Living Earth 

(Cycle B)


Year 1

Autumn 2

Year 1

Spring 1

Year 1

Spring 2

Year 1

Summer 1

Year 1

Summer 2

Year 2

1st 100 High

Frequency Words

Year 2

Next 200 High

Frequency Words

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