Science at Wickhambreaux

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Subject Leader Profile

Mrs Barnes has always been a highly driven and passionate scientist. Following completion of her A-levels, she was accepted into the Royal Vetenary School in London, where she studied Vetenary Science for 1 year before transferring to the University of Kent to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

In 2014, Mrs Barnes was awarded Qualified Teacher Status upon the successful completion of her employment based initial teacher training program (Schools Direct), and began her role of science co-ordinator at Wickhambreaux CEP School.

Since commencing her role as Science Subject Leader, she has been invited to deliver workshops, speak at national conferences and lead CPD sessions for other teachers focused on improving science teaching in primary schools. She has been nominated for Science Teacher of the Year, and has been instrumental in transforming science teaching in a variety of educational settings.

Mrs Barnes has worked closely with a wide range of organisations offering initiatives and driving research into improving teaching and learning in science, and is responsible for Wickhambreaux being awarded “beacon school” status for science by Empiribox (national providers of a bespoke science curriculum), organising groups of children to participate in the “Saturday Smarties” science sessions run in partnership with the Kings School Canterbury, and arranging for pupils to work with scientists and engineers on engaging projects with real-world applications. Mrs Barnes teaches with inspiring zeal and enthusiasm for her subject, and truly ignites a genuine enjoyment and passion within her pupils.

Vision Statement


At Wickhambreaux CEP our vision for Science is to provide our children with a Science curriculum fit for the 21st century. This curriculum will enable them to explore and discover the world around them from first hand experiences, resulting in a deep knowledge and understanding for all our children. 

Our aim in providing these stimulating and challenging experiences is to secure and extend our pupil’s scientific knowledge and vocabulary. We believe that these opportunities and experiences will ensure that our children will become confident learners, who can explore their world by posing insightful and inquisitive questions about what they observe in world around them.

Science, as a subject, places no limits to knowledge or the possibility for discovery; we do not believe in putting a ceiling on our children’s learning or limiting their creativity in this subject. Children here encouraged to question and push their learning as far as they can imagine.



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