Link with Parents

At Wickhambreaux School we value the importance of strong home school links. Young children do not necessarily distinguish between their home and school settings and we feel that it is paramount to the children’s feeling of well-being to provide a reassuring transition each day.


We operate an open door policy where we encourage the parents to bring their children in to the setting and help them settle to an activity in a relaxed manner. This also enables us to be available to parents should they wish to discuss their child with us.


We also encourage parents to engage with their child’s learning. When the children join our school, the school’s reading manager facilitates a meeting to share the school’s approach to reading and phonics. Daily reading records are also sent home where parents and the setting can communicate.


The children are also provided with a Learning Journal where they can engage in sharing their knowledge with families and where families can share their children’s achievements and successes.


Parents are also often invited into the classroom to share their children’s learning experiences during our whole school enrichment weeks such as: Arts Week, Science Week and Sports Week.


The school also produces three Newsletters a year where all parent can read about other classes’ topics and whole school events, as well as events participated in by their own children.