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Friends of Wickhambreaux School

The FOWS (Friends Of Wickhambreaux School) consist of parents and staff who meet regularly and discuss things such as school events, fundraising and more.  We have always had dedicated and committed FOWS members and this year the torch has been passed on to a new group of FOWS who are keen to carry on the hard work.

FOWS are groups of parents  who fundraise to support the school. The core committee set dates for events and then run an extended group, open to all  parents, who come up with new ideas for school Fayres and other events or fund raising ideas. We rely heavily on parents for help ranging from washing up on a quiz night, baking cakes, support at discos and running stalls at fayres. Without parents help the responsibility for running events and fundraising for the school falls squarely on the teachers shoulders and unfortunately the days just aren’t long enough! Without fundraising the school cannot manage to fund  special trips and buy educational tools to help assist and enhance our children’s learning. I am sure you will all agree Wickhambreaux really is an outstanding school in every sense and our children are nurtured, well taught and cared for by this special team of teachers and teaching assistants.

FOWS is our opportunity to give something back and show our appreciation for the extra they all give to our children and the peace of mind that gives us as parents. Please don’t be shy to come and ask one of the committee members what FOWS is all about, I didn’t have a clue at first, and sometimes you feel foolish asking, but please DO ASK! Don’t think FOWS has to be a massive commitment, we are just asking for some help and a few ideas if you can spare the time at any of our events and we would love to see you at the next open meeting.

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