Introduction to Music at Wickhambreaux CEPS


Music is a creative, fun and engaging subject and we strongly believe it should be taught in this way. Lessons are practical with a variety of stimuli, resources and tasks to engage learners of all abilities. Although music is taught through four strands (performing, singing, listening and composing), singing is at the heart of the music curriculum due to its inclusive nature and the positive benefits it has on health, emotional well-being and development of social skills. A cross curricular approach is taken to music teaching in order to make the learning as relevant as possible to the children. A love of music is something that is fostered throughout the school with music an imbedded part of school life and something that all children are able to experience on a daily basis. Music is a wonderful vessel for joining together as a community and gives children the opportunity to express their personality, values and culture. We regularly join together as a school community to share music and give the children the opportunity to perform in a supported, nurturing setting. This has a positive impact on self-esteem and gives all children the opportunity to experience success and pride. 


Subject Leader Profile

Mrs Claire Campbell joined us in May to cover Mrs Maisey’s maternity leave. She studied Music Education at Canterbury Christ Church University and stayed on to train as a primary school teacher. Claire has been teaching for ten years now. Although she initially taught as a classroom teacher to year 6 and then to year 1 gaining expertise and training in French and Forest School, she soon was delighted to be able to focus on her passion and lead music. She now teaches and leads music across three primary schools and as such is part of local music networks and benefits from having made links with other schools. This means that she is able to source valuable enrichment opportunities for the children such as performing in the 02 arena, music-making workshops, composition opportunities, taking children to classical music concerts and having visiting musicians from local secondary schools. Claire has experience of directing ensembles both in school and for music centres run by Kent Music. She has been providing whole class instrumental lessons on various instruments for ten years and has provided additional music clubs to give those beginning to learn an instrument in this way the opportunity to play in a group and to perform to audiences.

Claire has been very busy adapting her teaching techniques and learning many new ICT skills since the first lockdown began in order to make music making at Wickhambreaux as fun and interactive as ever, and to give us the opportunity to come together and share special times in the Christian calendar. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to learn music through playing, singing, listening, composing and performing. It has been scientifically proven that Music is key to brain development therefore, at Wickhambreaux Primary School music is embedded at the very heart of the school where the children experience music on a daily basis. Our aspiration is that every child at Wickhambreaux adopts a lifelong love of music.

Through music children will develop confidence, communication, thinking and creative skills and improve their emotional well-being. The skills involved in playing and listening to a wide variety of musical styles will help develop the children’s self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success. Children will find that music is enjoyable and relaxing which will help reduce stress. Through performing and composing music children will reach a sense of achievement and pride.



School Curriculum map


Knowledge Organiser

KS2 Music Term 3 - 6 2020​

Music Related Events

Despite the difficulties of coming together for musical events at this current time, Wickhambreaux School have taken part in a recorded Summer Concert, and Harvest Festival Celebration. We will also be recording a Christingle Service and KS1 Nativity.