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Shared Reading and the CBW Competition Trail

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Another wonderful day for the children to celebrate their love of reading and books.

All the year groups joined up with another year group to share books and reading together. As this Shared Reading time allowed the children to chat about what they were reading, as well as reading to each other and supporting each other with any tricky bits in the text. It was such a lovely atmosphere in each class as the children shared each others’ books. In Galaxy Class, the Year 4 children even taught the Year 1’s how to sing their special ‘Book Chat’ song, that is sung in class every time they stop reading and discuss what’s been going

on in their books.

Some children were also spotted following the CBW competition trail, where they had to spot which member of staff was reading which fairy tale book: there’s a prize draw of all the participants from each year group on Friday in worship....Good luck to everyone!

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