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Book Stickers

Every day of Book Week we have all been wearing Book Chat labels that give everyone else some information about our reading preferences. These have been great in helping us get talking about the books we read and recommending these to other people.

We’ve Book Chatting about these areas:

This week, I am reading...

My favourite author is...

My favourite book is...

I enjoy reading books about...

I would recommend this book to other people...

Name That Book

All the children have searched around the school for clues in a trail to help them ‘Name That Book’! EYFS and KS1 had to identify untitled book covers and KS2 were guessing book titles using the opening paragraphs from well-known children’s books. All children who correctly guessed most of the titles received a certificate and were entered into a prize draw where 1 person in each year group won a £5 book voucher.

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