Pupil premium


Wickhambreaux CEP’s strategy for its pupil premium children, is to ensure that pupil premium children are given every opportunity, afforded to all other children, with regards to the whole curriculum; this includes intervention programmes, in all subject areas if required, in order to reach their full potential and diminish any identified gaps.

The school SENCO, working alongside teachers and Learning Support Assistants, will track progress and assess social and emotional development.

The school will work closely with parents, carers and outside agencies to secure the best targeted support available, to enable the children to become happy, safe and effective learners.

The school will apply its church ethos of Love, Trust and Community when working with the children in its care and maintain its high expectation with regards to outcomes.

• The amount of pupil premium money allocated to the school for the academic year 2019-2020 is £15,900 including Service +post LAC allocations

• The main barriers currently preventing our eligible pupils from achieving on an educational basis incorporate a variety of physical, learning and social issues.

• We intend to spend our pupil premium money on training for staff, buying resources to enable pupils to access the curriculum and to provide enhancement opportunities to overcome these barriers.

• We will measure the impact of pupil premium funding in a variety of ways: through data analysis, monitoring behaviour and attitude to learning, consulting with the child and its parent or carer and by monitoring the child’s well- being physical and mental health.

• The date of the next pupil premium strategy review is November 2020 but the strategy is being reviewed and updated constantly as factors influencing PP children change. The governors review the school’s pupil premium strategy in their Learning and Development team which reports to the full governing body. There is a dedicated school governor who oversees on a regular basis the performance and progress of these vulnerable pupils.

2018-2019 allocation £15,840

•Intervention programmes to boost achievement and progress in English and Maths, such as: Reading Recovery (with a specialist teacher), Dynamo Maths online resource, Maths booster teacher, additional one to one after quality first teaching using a mastery approach.

•Funding after school sports clubs and in school musical instrument tuition to ensure equality of opportunity, motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

•Additional extra -curricular clubs that supported learning.

• Support for children to attend Breakfast Club in preparation for learning.

•Funding for chargeable activities French residential trip.

•Bought in resources eg standing desks.

•Liaison with parents that helped us assess the impact of the intervention programmes and enhanced learning opportunities.

The impact on the pupils who received it additional support.

Our pupils premium children’s needs have been constantly assessed and monitored and no intervention or support has been ruled out that would improve the group’s life chances. The pupils receiving individual music tuition have shown improved social skills and increased confidence. Those who have received specialist input from our reading manager have also shown improved reading ages and enjoyment when reading. External assessment data also demonstrates improvement in formal testing situations.

All of the above assessments, interventions and support are built into our system for all pupils who need it, so ensuring sustainability and the school’s ability to mobilise resources when required.