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It's National Poetry Day!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Today we are celebrating the wonder of poetry, as....

"The words in poems do more than say things. They stir up emotions." (Delia Owens).

We started the day with an astounding recital of a Michael Rosen poem, which certainly stirred up a lot of laughter....thank you to the Ahlberg Guided Reading Group from Griffin Class for the recital.

Then at break time, anyone could stop by a Poetry Stop to be read a poem by one of our Y6 poeteers....thank you Y6 for that.

Each class have been enjoying carrying out a poetry writing project throughout the day...we can't wait to see the finished outcomes!

But....whenever we heard the 'poetry-angle' ding-a-ling, we all had to stop whatever we were doing and take the poems out of our pockets and share the poetry with whomever was the closest to us.

Phew! What a wonderful day!

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