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Book Week Finale

Phew! What a week it’s been! Although it was our final day, we still had lots going on. Our school Fairy Tale was completed as Years 5+6 wrote the conclusion to all the others year groups’ contributions. It’s a gripping tale. An audio version will be recorded next week (by a friendly professional actor) and then be uploaded to our school website... we’ll let you know when it’s there.

We also enjoyed taking a stroll around each other’s classrooms to view the tabletop galleries that were set-up to show-off the wonderful collage work made by each child to create an image of what kind of fairy tale character they would be. These were such a joy to view and it’s always so astonishing just how imaginative and original the children at Wickhambreaux CEP School are.

We rounded off the week with a finale in the hall, where we unveiled our school ‘Reading Chain’, with each link representing a different child’s choice of their favourite fairy tale or classic children’s story, also depicting or describing a favourite scene from that tale. What a fabulous record of the whole school’s literary choices!

Each class received a collection of books from the LOLLIES Book Awards shortlist, to be read and then voted on, to help choose the winners for the following categories:

Funniest Picture Book (YR); Funniest Poetry Book (Y1+2); Funniest Book for Younger Readers (Y3+4); Funniest Non-fiction Book (Y5+6).

Finally, we learnt who the mystery members of staff were, who had been ‘Caught Reading a Fairy Tale’ in our ongoing competition, along with which tale they had been reading. There was a prize draw of all the high scoring entries, with one lucky child in each year group being drawn out of the basket to win a £5 book token.

It’s been a fabulous week BUT always remember...Books are not just for Book Week – KEEP READING!

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