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Eagles Class Residential

Day 4

Today we went for a mountain hike. We scaled rocks through the stream before climbing to the summit for an excellent view! Along the way we saw many wrecked planes before reaching the large wreck of the American B29 Super Fortress.  


We then made our way back to the coach to take on the 100ft bridge abseil! The children really enjoyed this activity and some descended over a river.  


It was then back to base camp for a tasty fish and chip dinner before the children played in the grounds for the evening.  


Tomorrow we have one activity – ‘the wormhole’ -  then we will be making the journey home for some much needed rest!  

Day 3

We mostly had better weather today with a few large downpours in the afternoon. We completed three activities today before a late night of football and free time. 


We went rock climbing up some 30ft crags. As a team, we helped each other to reach the summit. The children also had a practice at abseiling the 30ft crag ready for the 100ft bridge abseil tomorrow. The children have excellent team work skills and we’re all cheering each other on.  


We also went for a long walk down a stream. This was great, messy and wet fun, even with the terrifying river weeds which kept attacking Mrs Barnes!  


The evening saw a great sporting achievement with the Lions game and the England football match watched by many children. The ones who didn’t want to watch had great fun in the ample grounds of the centre, playing until dark.  


Last full day tomorrow, we will be out for the day walking up a big hill to the bridge abseil.