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Eagle Class Residential

Day 4

We spent the whole day in the water today! This morning we took to the pedalos and the giant SUPs for team games. This saw all-out battle and Mr Barnes and Mrs Barnes were crowned champions of the floating island! Although we did get pushed in a couple of times. This afternoon we were back in the water for kayaking and SUPs. Each child was able to stand up on a board for some of the time and I couldn’t be prouder! This evening we have a campfire with marshmallows. This has been the best finish to a well-needed break for the children. They are all looking forward to returning home but the memories and skills they have acquired will last a lifetime.    

Day 3

Today saw the exciting adventures of katakanoeing down the local river. Teams of 6 paddled with varying degrees of accuracy down to the green where we disembarked to play games on the green. We also launched rockets and got our bearings orienteering. This evening we will take to the battle field for archery tag! Tomorrow will be a full day on the water, which in this heat will be very welcome!  

Day 2

Today the weather was a little more forgiving with a layer of cloud protecting us from the hottest part of the day! In the morning we climbed the 60ft wall. All the children had a go, many made the top first try! Some managed to beat their first attempt by making it all the way on the second turn. After we held a mini-Olympics with events such as discus, javelin and the “lottery run” (I’ll let you children explain this one to you!). After lunch we spent the afternoon on the lake sailing with a gentle breeze. This evening we are “egg protecting” not sure what this is yet, but the instructor asked if we wanted eggs or water balloons... wish us luck!  

Day 1

We arrived on a beautiful, hot sunny day and straight into a full itinerary of activities at Croft Farm. After introductions and safety talks we got straight into buggy build where groups made their own functioning buggies then pulled each other on them with water on their head! This was a welcome cool down after such a hot afternoon! The evening saw a hearty meal and an activity of run around quiz. The children are all settled and ready for a week of water sports and team activities.