Class 4’s Bluebell Walk

On Friday 5th May Class 4 set off on an expedition to find the bluebells. From the school the children hiked to the cow field in Seaton. Luckily the cows were grazing in another field. However, they had to tread carefully so as not to wake the terrifying ‘Mongolian Earthworm,’ a non-native species of Earthworm introduced, […]

Able Writers’ Day

On Tuesday the 2nd May, our able writers were joined by Andrew Clover (website) to explore the art of storytelling, using visualisation techniques to create imaginative scenarios based on seemingly ordinary situations and people. We received an email from Mr Clover following the workshop: Hello Christine, Lisa (and the mysterious Wickhambreaux Head)! Thank you very much […]

Kent Test

Parents of year 5 children, who are wanting to take the Kent test. The dates for registration have been released. You must register your child between 1st June and 3rd July.

Ecology of the Playing Field

As part of our science unit “Environment, Ecology and Evolution,” Class 3 went on an ecological study of the playing field. We found many different species of plant and which areas of the field they grow. Along with the plants we found some interesting fungi and lichens. We also looked at what creatures live in […]

World Book Day

World Book Day was a very busy day in the middle of our Children’s Book Week celebrations.  Our theme was enjoying books and stories from around the world and on WBD we were lucky  to have 10 Japanese students join us to teach us skills in the Japanese language, origami and calligraphy.  They also acted […]


The eggs arrived safely on Tuesday 21st February, since then we have had 4 out of 7 hatch. Today the children of class 4 got to watch duckling number 4 hatch on the big screen. I have set up a time lapse camera to film the hatching which I will put on the website in […]

Ducklings Coming to Wickhambreaux School

Ducklings are coming to Wickhambreaux school. Your child has received a letter regarding this with a return form requesting information on allergies and permission to handle the ducks. This will need to be returned by the 21st Feb if your child would like to handle the ducklings. If your letter has been lost there is a […]

Key Stage 1 Agility Day

Here is the team for our Key Stage 1 agility day; they had a fantastic time representing the school for various sporting activities.

Four Villages Extravaganza

On Saturday 4th February, ten pupils volunteered to represent our school at the Four Villages Extravaganza in Littlebourne Village Hall.  The evening was full of excellent performances from local choirs, music groups, soloists and duets.  The large audience enjoyed comedy, poetry and plenty of song! Our pupils devised their own performance, with the help of […]

Flat Stan First Aid

“Flat Stan” first aid training visited the school to provide the children with basic first aid training. They ran sessions for Key Stage 2; they will be returning to train Key Stage 1 in the near future.