Residential Day 4 2017

Morning parents! Its Mr Beard’s birthday today, he had a nice wake up of party poppers and coffee. The children had another good night and the are all up and getting ready for a fun filled day. Beginning with the high ropes and leap of faith, followed by a sensory trail then lunch. This afternoon […]

Residential Day 3 2017

Another good night from the children. Today is showing up to bea hot one, luckily for us we have a full day of water fun. This morning we have a beach walk until lunchtime, followed by kayaking then ‘wet and wild’ in the outdoor pool. After dinner we have an evening activity of egg protecting! […]

Residential Day 2 2017

The children all had a great night, they were well behaved and all got a good nights sleep. The food is excellent and the children have taken full advantage of the meals. Today we have archery, climbing, snorkelling and buggy (not sure what this is but it sound fun) for our daytime activities. Our evening […]

Residential Day 1 2017

The children of the residential trip arrived at our destination around midday. We were thrown straight into a tour of the site followed by abseiling. The children are currently playing spots games while we wait for dinner at 5.30. This evening we have league games and hopefully the children will be exhausted and get a […]

Learning about light and colour

Classes 3 and 4 have been working hard on their Science topic of light this term. Class 3 have been learning about reflection, Class 4 have been learning about splitting white light and colours. Class 3 looked at how we use reflection in mirrors, reflectors on bicycles/cars. hi-vis jackets, cats eyes and solar furnaces. We […]

Arts Week 2017

This year’s Arts Week theme was “nature,” the children spent some time looking at art work from Andy Goldsworthy and used his work as inspiration for their own masterpieces. The children had help from some of the parents who offered their time and skills to create sewing, knitting, printing and drama displays. Have a look […]

Sports Week

Sports week this year was held slightly earlier than usual and we still had extremely hot weather. The children were able to try lots of new sports such as: tchouckball, lecrosse, judo, and curling. Amongst these new sports there were more usual sports taken part in such as: football, tag rugby, tennis etc. The children […]

Parents Go Back to School

On the 22nd of May, Mrs Chipperfield began her parents maths classes. Many parents came to this to learn the differences in the teaching of maths today from when they were taught at school and what the new curriculum teaches at year 5 and 6. The parents were given manipulatives and shown the new conceptual […]

STEM Earthquakes

In Class 4, the children have weekly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lessons. They have recently been working on creating Earthquake-proof buildings. The children had to conduct independent research to inform their design; examples of Earthquake proofing techniques used in Japan were a chief source of inspiration. The children worked in groups to design their buildings, once they […]

Year 1’s Practical Capacity

The year 1 children had some maths fun learning about capacity. Mr Millard, one of our student teachers, took the children outside with different sized containers. The children were grouped and each group was given a container, they then had to race each other to fill their collecting containers as much as they could, with […]