The eggs arrived safely on Tuesday 21st February, since then we have had 4 out of 7 hatch. Today the children of class 4 got to watch duckling number 4 hatch on the big screen. I have set up a time lapse camera to film the hatching which I will put on the website in […]

Ducklings Coming to Wickhambreaux School

Ducklings are coming to Wickhambreaux school. Your child has received a letter regarding this with a return form requesting information on allergies and permission to handle the ducks. This will need to be returned by the 21st Feb if your child would like to handle the ducklings. If your letter has been lost there is a […]

Key Stage 1 Agility Day

Here is the team for our Key Stage 1 agility day; they had a fantastic time representing the school for various sporting activities.

Four Villages Extravaganza

On Saturday 4th February, ten pupils volunteered to represent our school at the Four Villages Extravaganza in Littlebourne Village Hall.  The evening was full of excellent performances from local choirs, music groups, soloists and duets.  The large audience enjoyed comedy, poetry and plenty of song! Our pupils devised their own performance, with the help of […]

Flat Stan First Aid

“Flat Stan” first aid training visited the school to provide the children with basic first aid training. They ran sessions for Key Stage 2; they will be returning to train Key Stage 1 in the near future.  

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 7th February was National Safer Internet Day. Throughout the day, each class took part in various activities to promote safe use of the Internet. The day culminated with Class 4 performing their “Safer Internet PLAY!” in front of the rest of the school. They presented a range of scenarios which required the audience to advise the ‘Internet […]

Polar Habitats Science

In key stage 1 this term we have been studying seasonal changes and habitats. This week we looked at the Polar Regions and how animals are able to survive in such cold conditions without warm clothes. The children were able to identify that many land animals have a thick layer of fur, but we also discussed […]

Memorial Service

On Friday the 11th of November, the children of Wickhambreaux walked in silence from the school to the memorial in the church, where the memorial service was held. Poppy wreaths were laid, one per class, each with a personal message to the soldiers who lost their lives in the war written by the children of the class. […]

Animal Encounters Visit

As part of the Key Stage 1’s Science on habitats, we had a visit from some animals. The children were given the opportunity to touch and hold some of the interesting creatures whist a talk was given about their habitats. The children asked some excellent questions about the animals’ habitats and it was a fantastic […]